October 2010 - orchestrating and conducting 2 tracks for the new Il Divo album at Air Studios.

Orchestrating and conducting Clint Mansell's super cool action score to the movie Faster starring The Rock.

Enjoyed the Concert for Care film music concert at the Royal Albert Hall with the RPO. Great to see so many British film composers in the same room - and respect to David Arnold and Tommy Pearson for putting it all together.

Privileged to attend the Asian Awards at the Grosvenor House with A.R.Rahman, and congratulations to him for his "achievement in music" award.

Attended the gala screening of 127 Hours at the London Film Festival. Clever film-making from Danny Boyle and fascinating to meet the real-life "hero" of the movie, Aron Ralston.

September 2010 - conducting Christian Henson's subtle and disturbing score to the movie The Devils Double about the vile Uday Hussein and his body guard.

Conducting the Finnish movie Priest of Evil for the talented Panu Aaltio

August 2010 - orchestrating and conducting A.R.Rahman's beautiful score to Danny Boyle's new movie "127 Hours", which will close the London Film Festival.

Orchestrating and conducting A.R.Rahman's amazing score to the epic Indian movie Endhiran (aka Robo) at Air Studios. Incredible film - go see it if you get the chance.

July 2010 - orchestrating and conducting Clint Mansell's score to the new Darren Aronofsky movie "Black Swan" starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Chosen to open the Venice Film Festival, and a great atmospheric score from Clint - weaving in and out of the Tchaikovsly ballet music.

Additional orchestrations for the movie "Gullivers Travels". Very impressive score from Henry Jackman

June 2010 - writing library tracks for Big Screen Music.

Starting work on arrangements for an exciting childrens opera project written by Martyn Swain

May 2010 - orchestrating The Last Dragon for Australian-based composer Frank Strangio. Cracking adventure score from Frank. 

April 2010 - conducting orchestral sessions to the new Christopher Nolan thriller Inception at Air Studios. Fantastic dramatic score from Hans Zimmer to a movie that you've just got to see - simply amazing!

Starting orchestrations on David Torn's score to the movie Bunraku. Great to be working with "the dude" again

A.R. Rahman RFH concert on the 7th was a great success. Fantastic playing from the LPO and guest Indian instrumentalists Naveen Kumar (flute) and Asad Khan (sitar).
Plus wonderful vocal performances from Metro Voices, Alma Ferovic and Michael Rouse.
Add in Gauri Sharma Tripathi's dancers and it was quite an evening.

March 2010 - orchestrating Craig Armstrong's score to Oliver Stone's Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Beautiful subtle stuff from Craig, as always. Recorded on the Newman Scoring Stage in L.A. for Fox.

Arranging strings for Badly Drawn Boy's fantastic new album, produced by Stephen Hilton.

Arranging and editing new concert suites of A.R.Rahman's film music for a performance (conducted by me) with the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall in April.

February 2010 - orchestrating Ramin Djawadi's epic score to Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans at Air Studios.

Orchestrating some cues for John Murphy's Kick Ass score.

January 2010 - congratulations to my dear friend Craig Armstrong on the award of his O.B.E. in the New Years Honours List

Orchestrating Tim Atack's seventies inspired score to the Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant comedy "Cemetery Junction", recording at Abbey Road and engineered by Pete Cobbin. Tim does this stuff so bloody well.

Last orchestral session for the big apocalyptic ending episodes of Sprit Warriors at Air Studios, engineered by Geoff Foster. Fantastic performances from the London Studio Orchestra lead by Perry Montague-Mason.

December 2009 - orchestrating Tuomas Kantelinen's gorgeous score to "The Italian Key" at Air Studios

November 2009 - delivered first 6 episodes of Spirit Warriors score. Episode 1 will be screened on CBBC on Friday 22nd January 2010 at 5.45pm. Go to slideshow for a sneak preview of the main title theme - it's the first piece you hear.

October 2009 - recording the signature tune and my score to the first 5 episodes of Spirit Warriors at Air Studios with Geoff Foster engineering. The show is shaping up really well and will be screened on the BBC in January.

In Manchester recording string arrangements for songs to a Caroline Aherne penned TV series "The World's Fattest Man". Music written by Damon Gough - aka Badly Drawn Boy. Damon writes such emotive yet simple songs - I'm a big fan - and we had a great night out as well.....

In Glasgow music supervising the Scottish Royal Variety Performance, directed by the genius that is Andrew Panton.

Orchestrating Randy Edelman's lovely Irish-tinged score to the Amy Adams rom-com "Leap Year" at Air Studios

Couples Retreat and The Invention of Lying (both orchestrated and conducted by me) are released

September 2009 - conducting live strings at the Venice Film Festival for a short film by Shekhar Kapur "Passage" with beautiful music by A.R.Rahman. Got to work with the talented young Indian soprano Kavita Baliga - what an amazing voice!

In Brussels conducting my string arrangements for Ingrid Mank's brilliant debut album. Here's a sneak preview on YouTube

August 2009 - conducting 45 hours of string sampling sessions for Hans Zimmer at Air Studios. I think we've got the marcatos covered now....

Hired as musical supervisor to the first Scottish Royal Variety Performance to be held at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in October

Bo and the Spirit World gets a new name - "Spirit Warriors" Writing episodes 3&4

July 2009 - in L.A. orchestrating and conducting A.R.Rahman's score to the Vince Vaughn comedy "Couples Retreat". Lovely score from A.R. showing just how he can write in any genre. Got to record at Sony Studios on the old MGM scoring stage - had a fun week!

June 2009 – arranging/composing music for TV adverts for HSBC and B&Q

Writing episodes 1&2 of Bo and the Spirit World

May 2009 – commissioned to write the score for an exciting new 10 part BBC children’s action drama series, “Bo and the Spirit World”. Created by Jo Ho and produced by Nick Pitt and Jon East, this series, inspired by Yimou Zhang’s “House Of Flying Daggers” and Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, is set in Ancient China and will feature some amazing CGI from Retro Juice Productions. I visited the sets at 3 Mills Studios in the East End of London and they look incredible. The series will feature the cream of British-Chinese acting talent and I’m really excited to be a part of this production.

Orchestrating cues for Adrian Johnston’s score to the Stephen Poliakoff movie “Glorious 39”.

April 2009 – orchestrating and conducting Tim Atack’s score to the new Ricky Gervais movie comedy “The Invention of Lying” for Warner Bros. Tim has written a lovely “light touch” score and the film is very funny - will be out in the autumn. Got to hang out with Ricky too – I’m a fan, so this gig was sweet!

Conducting orchestras and choirs for Clint Mansell’s atmospheric score to the French movie “Farewell” at Air Studios

February 2009 – working on string arrangements for the Belgian singer/songwriter
Ingrid Mank’s debut solo album – beautiful songs.

A.R. wins a Bafta and 2 Oscars – wow!

January 2009 – congratulations to my friend A.R.Rahman on his Golden Globe victory
for his score to “Slumdog Millionaire”

Orchestrating Tuomas Kantelinen’s score to the movie “Limo”

December 2008 – conducting Clint Mansell’s brilliantly dynamic score to the movie “Blood, The Last Vampire”. Recording in Paris at Guillaume Tell Studios – a former cinema and the only studio I’ve ever worked in that has a chandelier in the live room!

October 2008 – arranging and conducting strings for Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’s emotive score to the movie “The Road”- based on the powerful Cormac McCarthy book.

Arranging and conducting strings for Steve Hilton’s score to the horror flick “The Children”

Conducting Martin Rappeneau’s fun-filled score to the French comedy “Safari” at Abbey Road Studios.

September 2008 – writing, recording and mixing guitar and string tracks for a new Killer Tracks library album. Very lucky to secure the brilliant playing skills of guitarist Steve Hackett.

August 2008 – conducting sessions for young Finnish composer Panu Aaltio’s atmospheric score to the movie “Sauna”

Orchestrating and conducting Craig Armstrong’s music for a new Guinness advert.
9am session start in Prague – on my birthday – but the Pivo afterwards was great.

My “4 Musketeers” soundtrack is released by Movie Score Media – available to purchase via www.moviescoremedia.com/musketeers.html or on iTunes. Picking up some nice
reviews – see my Press page for details.

July 2008 - conducting brass sampling sessions for Hans Zimmer at Air Studios – you can never have too many horn samples….

June 2008 - new date set for release of my 4 Musketeers soundtrack - 12th August - available
via www.moviescoremedia.com

Cinema releases for The Incredible Hulk and Mongol with orchestrations by you know who

May 2008 - orchestrating Randy Edelman's fantastic score to Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,
recording at Abbey Road Studios with a 91 piece orchestra over 20 sessions.

Conducting orchestral sessions for the new Batman movie The Dark Knight at Air Studios, great score from two of the best composers in Hollywood - James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer

Orchestrating Tuomas Kantelinen's evocative score to Arn II, recording in L.A.

Composing track for new Killer Tracks library CD Sweet Emotions

Ironman tops box offices around the world

April 2008 - in Glasgow and Seattle orchestrating and recording Craig Armstrong's score to the movie "The Incredible Hulk" for Marvel Pictures.

March 2008 - orchestrating and writing tracks for new library music album produced by L.A. based Killer Tracks - "Apocalypse". Recording in Sofia.

Remastering my score to "The 4 Musketeers" for its imminent release by Movie Score Media. Great that this score is finally getting a commercial release (on 22nd April) - available via their website www.moviescoremedia.com. Mikael Carlsson is doing a fantastic job in getting previously unreleased movie scores to a wider audience.

Working on exciting new writing project with ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett

February 2008 - working on orchestrations for the Ramin Djawadi score to the Marvel Pictures movie "Ironman", recording at Air Studios.

Conducted Daniel Giorgetti's score to the BBC drama "The Curse of Steptoe".

January 2008STOP PRESS - 4 of the films I worked on last year have just received Oscar® nominations: The Assassination of Jesse James, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Mongol and Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

December 2007 - In France working on orchestrations for the Willie Dowling score to the movie “Caught in the Act” – recording in Sofia (Bulgaria) in January. Elected to the committee of the Musicians Union Music Writers Section. “Assassination of Jesse James” movie finally released – score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (which I orchestrated and conducted) is getting a lot of deserved critical acclaim.

November 2007 - Orchestrated music for the Randy Edelman score to the Fox romcom “27 Dresses”. Cute film and a lovely score from the hugely talented and irrepressible Mr Edelman. Recorded at Abbey Road with the London Session Orchestra. Arranged and conducted Jennie Muskett’s score to the BBC drama “Miss Austen Regrets” at Olympic Studios. Really interesting piano-led score from Jennie which manages to be both contemporary and period sounding at the same time. Conducted string sessions for the Israeli artist Aviv Geffen at Air Studios, produced by Steve Orchard. Conducted orchestral sessions for the young Finnish composer Panu Aaltio’s first movie score to “The Home of Dark Butterflies”.

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